Our Process

The components used to build an oligo to our standards starts with having high quality raw materials. Procurement of said raw materials is limited to those suppliers who demonstrate ability to meet or exceed our expectations for service, quality, and dependability.

The equipment and instruments used in all aspects of manufacturing and testing are carefully selected for their suitability. This equipment is put through rigorous qualification, and once in use, constantly monitored and maintained to ensure consistent and reliable functionality.

No process is successful without highly trained and skilled personnel. Adding to their years of experience, each team member stays on the cutting edge of their disciplines through industry collaboration and continuous education.

With these three essential elements, OEI adds the control of predefining its processes to ensure our high standards can be met. Quality is built into the system from the beginning; thus ensuring only the highest quality oligo product is released. The test results and documentation provided to you, the customer, shows the level of quality.

OEI’s involvement with the product/customer is not limited to delivering product. Our team is here to support and partner with you to assist in establishing specifications, such as purity levels, oligo construction and application, and regulatory considerations.  This partnership continues after product is delivered to ensure that it meets your high expectations.