Our most frequently asked technical questions

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It looks as though there is something insoluble at the bottom of the sample tube. What is it?

Do synthetic oligonucleotides have phosphate groups (PO4) groups or hydroxyl (OH) at the 3' and 5' ends?

How stable are oligonucleotides at room temperature?

What is the extinction coefficient for my oligo? How do I determine the quantity of oligonucleotide I’ve received?

Are the oligonucleotides purified?

I received my oligonucleotide and the tube looks empty, or I have received several oligonucleotides, all ordered at the same scale of synthesis, and the size of the pellets look different. Why is this?

How can I make a concentrated stock solution?

I ordered a 50 nmol scale of synthesis and did not get 50 nmol of material. Why is this?