On behalf of Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc. (IDT), of Coralville, Iowa, we are pleased to announce our recent acquisition of Oligos, Etc. Inc. (OEI) of Wilsonville, Oregon, a leading research and GMP custom oligonucleotide provider. 

This letter serves to inform you that after considerable examination the decision has been made to repurpose the existing OEI (Oregon) facility, and therefore, custom oligo manufacture will no longer be offered through the OEI channel. 

Effective Monday, August 3, 2015, all new oligo orders received by OEI will be immediately transferred to IDT for fulfillment.  Confirmations including order details will be transmitted from IDT, as well as invoices, remit information and other associated shipment documentation.  As a feature of this exchange, your orders will be eligible for requoting by IDT’S GMP support team at a price that is the same or lower than your current quoted price from OEI. Throughout this process, IDT will work internally and collaboratively with OEI to minimize disruption to our customers during this order transition period. 

Should you have questions regarding this transition, inquiries regarding specific order(s), or wish to discuss procurement planning or your oligo supply needs in greater detail, please contact Carly Hodges, Manager of GMP Accounts at IDT.  Carly has been with IDT for 13 years, and her GMP team is prepared to serve your oligo ordering needs with the same level of care and attention that you’ve received from Nancy, Gayle and the OEI staff.  Carly’s contact information is:

Carly Hodges
Manager, GMP Accounts
Integrated DNA Technologies
Bus: +1-800-328-2661 x200