About Oligos, Etc.

Oligos Etc. was founded by Rod Dale Ph. D in 1989 to provide the highest quality DNA and RNA oligonucleotides to the research community. The resulting DNA/RNA synthesis facility quickly earned an international reputation for quality and for the ability to synthesize and purify unusual and difficult oligos. Oligos Etc. offers a broad range of modifications including dyes, tags, modified bases and ends, backbones, chimerics, and chemistries.

Oligos Etc. serves clients throughout the United States, in more than 40 countries worldwide and from all arenas: academic, governmental, institutional, pharmaceutical, diagnostic, hospital, and biotech. The demand for oligo products manufactured under the current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) has grown tremendously in the recent past, and Oligos Etc. offers full GMP oligos made to your specifications and at any scale for use in diagnostic tests as ASR (Analyte Specific Reagent) as well as therapeutic projects. 
Purification of oligos is a specialty at Oligos Etc.  Oligos Etc. offers a complete range of products and guaranteed purification levels from gel purification to HPLC Level II purity ( >95 full length).  We synthesize oligos with primer grade purification at no additional charge, and we are the only company that offers Level I and Level II HPLC purification of oligonucleotides in addition to Research Grade HPLC purification and gel purification.

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